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This web application was created from a need to keep track of electronic parts in home storage. It allows overview by part type and searching. It's also possible to get an overview of all parts in the system, or just parts from a specific inventory (of a specific user). If a part is not yet present in the system, users can create new ones which are visible for all users after admin's approval.

You can support the development of this project by sending any amount to one of the following accounts:

IBAN: SK9609000000000273773500
PayPal: matej@kurpel.eu
Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qzl9qc2pjmhhp6ld4hujsax7t57d9vwpa4h9svl
Ethereum (ETH): 0xde28127a35255E9904b05a73238B417Cd7af638F
Monero (XMR): (click to show the address)
Blakecoin (BLC): Bn1xgUDz6wuQPURuJL4v7x3xgPaQY2Fc5o

As a thank-you, you will get Elparts without ads.

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